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Test of used certified biofuels and their blends with diesel fuel of tractors in conditions of agricultural practice

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They are described two blend fuels with a high hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) share and two sustainable biofuels of the fatty acid methyl ester and HVO types of the ZETOR 9540 tractor in the framework of a long-term operational test. Compared to standard fossil diesel, the results of measuring performance parameters and characteristics for the assessment of the use of these fuels tractors and other agricultural machinery are mentioned. It was specified the quality, manufacturer, emission factors and greenhouse gas savings of clean certified biofuels and their high percentages of fossil diesel. For samples from all tested fuels, comprehensive fuel analysis was performed in accordance with the technical standards.


Об авторах

Petr Jević
Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Prague
CSc., professor h.c., Ing.

Zdeňka Šedivá
Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Prague

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Jević P., Šedivá Z. Test of used certified biofuels and their blends with diesel fuel of tractors in conditions of agricultural practice. Сельскохозяйственные машины и технологии. 2018;12(1):27-30.

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Jević P., Šedivá Z. Test of used certified biofuels and their blends with diesel fuel of tractors in conditions of agricultural practice. Agricultural Machinery and Technologies. 2018;12(1):27-30.

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